Why artificial intelligence has become the fashion term in the financial sector


May 10 2018

Artificial intelligence has become one of the main technological trends in banking circles when it comes to describing its vision for the future of the financial services sector, according to a study by Business Insider . In many cases, it is perceived as a lifeline within an ecosystem that evolves at a dizzying pace. Because of its combination of potential and complexity, artificial intelligence can be used in almost all areas of financial services.

Artificial intelligence improves the experience of a new customer in retail banking , boosts efficiency, increases profitability and provides a competitive advantage for banks. As it develops technologically, AI multiplies its applications. This leads the banking sector to recognize the value of intelligence when it comes to boosting company growth and streamlining operations. In this sense, it is becoming one of the most appreciated technologies within the financial services that have opted for it. In fact, almost a third have already incorporated some type of AI technology , according to Narrative Science.