New SAS® Financial Crimes Suite: fight smarter, faster


The new anti-money laundering solution – powered by SAS High-Performance Analytics technology – includes enhanced scenario tuning and what-if analysis. This technology dramatically reduces the time – from hours to minutes – it takes to provide investigators relevant information, conduct preliminary analyses and identify areas that need further attention, such as suspicious transactions or unusual patterns. This gives them more time to focus on the most critical cases.

The SAS Financial Crimes Suite brings together multiple SAS solutions and technologies for detecting, preventing and managing financial crimes including money laundering and fraud. Suite components include data management, detection and alert generation, alert and case management, predictive alert analytics and fraud detection built on category-specific workflow, and advanced analytics including entity-link analysis. By sharing information through a single suite, organizations can have a holistic, behavior-based view to more accurately detect suspicious behavior. With this SAS enterprise suite, firms can also budget and deploy in phases, helping them to focus on the most pressing issues now, and yet confidently expand to address emerging risks in the future.

The suite’s configurable alert management provides a unified view of all work in progress across channels, giving investigators better insights for taking action to reduce risk, fight fraud and improve results. Dashboard reporting shows key performance indicators so analysts, investigators and managers can continually monitor areas of specific interest.

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