Turkey: MASAK, Transaction Currency money-laundering center



The Financial Crime Investigation Office of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance has reported to the court that the Transaction Exchange Office that defrauded Osmanbey market of 25 million liras in an arranged way had been converted to a drug money laundering center. The leader of the Transaction Exchange Office, which is used for drug financing and money traffic among drug traffickers Ali Tugrul who also doubled as the ‘safe’ of the organization has reportedly carried $3.6 million among the drug traffickers. Foreign accounts of the relatives of Ali Demirkapi an associate of Ali Tugrul were used to receive the proceeds of the crime or sometimes the proceeds were being used to invest in real estate.

Another member of the crime syndicate, Cengiz Demirkapi bought Diamond Hotel registered in his name with $2 million from the proceeds generated in a heroin business from Lebanon to Rotterdam. The report sent to the court by FCIO recommended detailed examination of assets and revenues of Ali Tugrul and Ali Demirkapi. Earlier, a lawsuit was filed against Ahmet Ali Demirkapi, Al; I Tugrul and Erol Haciosmanoglu, the owners of the exchange office for abuse of trust and fraud of self-employed person and their trial began even though it was only Eric Haciosmanoglu and his brother Mustafa Celik that were arrested.