Spain: Arrested the owners of two Burgos residences for inheriting “deception” 3 million euros from their users



Agents of National Police of Burgos have announced the arrest of two people who took advantage of the physical and cognitive declination of the elderly in their care to inherit, through deception, assets of their users amounting to a sum of 3 million euros. The agent in joint work with the Surveillance Officials of the Tax Agency said the two detainees appointed the victims as administrators of the society where they formed a complex business with the aim of acquiring the inheritance of their parents illegally.

During the investigations which started early this year when the agents suspected that some people could be taking advantage of old people, it was discovered the culprit already have 30 properties including homes, warehouses, and farms in Burgos to their names. People arrested, who have had the full collaboration of the Territorial Management of Social Services of the Junta de Castilla y Leon are associated with crimes such as misappropriation, documentary falsity, fraud and money laundering.

Investigation furthered revealed that the two people arrested were in charge of property management for the two aged people, and they used their superior position to cheat and deceive these people. It was also revealed that the detainees use their companies for misappropriation and laundering, and a flat that was turned a nursing home without compliance with legal standard was also discovered.