Kazakhstan seminar examines money laundering, terror financing


Terror financing and money laundering have become urgent problems for Kazakhstan, participants said.

“The latest terrorist events, which took place in 2011 in several regions of Kazakhstan (Aktobe, Atyrau, Dzhambyl and Almaty oblasts), showed the need to review all work in combating this most dangerous crime,” said Assistant General Procurator Nurlybek Sabitov. “International terrorism is virtually inconceivable without its financial aspects. Unfortunately, law enforcement authorities have nothing to be proud of in … tracking the sources of terrorism financing. Last year, 2011, only one such crime was investigated.”

For this reason, Western agencies and the Kazakh Financial Police organised the seminar to strengthen inter-departmental co-operation, said Saule Tulesaurinova, manager of programmes for a Western anti-narcotics agency.

“The whole teaching programme is interactive – it includes a very large number of scenarios, for examples credit-card fraud schemes, or the financing of terrorists through non-governmental organisations,” Tulesaurinova said. “The students study these scenarios and explain how the examples and experience are applicable to Kazakhstan.”

The OSCE got involved with fighting money laundering and terror financing after major terror acts occurred, especially the 9/11 attack, Peytchev noted. This year, the OSCE Centre’s programme includes several measures devoted to this theme.

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