Fight Against Corruption: France Must do Better in Terms of The Executive and Law Enforcement Agencies



France Government has been advised by the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body, GRECO in its report published on 9 January 2020 to intensify in the way they improve the effectiveness and practical application of the framework put in place to prevent corruption within the executive as well as in National Police and the National Gendarmerie. Apart from noticing positive legislative development in public life and integrity within the executive,
there are some grey areas where efforts are needed. The Private Office of the President of the Republic is also expected to be included in the recently adopted plan to systemise the detection of corruption risk and their prevention as initiated with ministries. The GRECO report emphasises on that there should be money transparency between the executive and the lobbyists for clarification of the lobbyist’s role in decision making.
The report also calls for the handling of corruption cases by different courts that are unbiased and independent to handle criminal cases against ministers and members of the parliament and there should be guarantee concerning the possibility of the government to request information from the National Financial Prosecution so as to preserve investigations integrity. A comprehensive strategy is called to be drawn for prevention of corruption at the National Police and National Gendarmerie and also that security vetting must be sacrosanct during the recruitment and throughout the career of law enforcement officers. A system of rotation of personnel is advised in sectors more prone to corruption. The report finally acknowledged the introduction of legislation on whistleblowers but called for a revision on the legislation and
that there should be more training for law enforcement on how to protect whistleblowers.