Danske Bank Hit With Third Money Laundering Lawsuit



After the first two lawsuits against Danske Bank which require it to pay $224 million to the plaintiffs and another $800 million refund to another investor, Reuters has reported that the bank is currently going through the third lawsuit over money laundering allegations. However, the bank has refused to provide any information to Reuters on the case and claimed it would protect itself. The issue emanated when investigation sparked up over suspicious payments of 200 billion euros that was transferred from 2007 to 2015 through a small branch in Estonia. International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company for Damaged Danske Investors (ISAF-Danske), representing the case has accused Danske Bank of hiding its financial income statement and engagement in various high-risk money laundering activities.

The lawsuit was filed at the District Court of Copenhagen, and the Danish law firm Nemeth Sigetty is in charge of the actual filing which involves international investors spanning insurance companies, pension, and management firms from several countries. The former head of the bank was found early this year, and Alve Rehe, 56, who was a witness to the $230 billion money laundering was found dead by police on Sept 25, after he left home on September 23, however, the police has decided to treat the case as a suicide.