Bulgaria’s prosecution probes alleged money laundering involving PM Borissov



Prosecutors in Bulgaria have initiated an investigation on a money laundering case of a luxury house bought in Spain, and it is believed that the Prime Minister Borissov might have a connection with the case. According to El Periodico, the investigation will involve retrieving information from the Spanish authorities and all concerned parties. However, some Sceptics in Bulgaria have predicted that nothing might come of out the investigation, noting that the same civic organization informed the authorities in Spain some years ago and no action was taken by the Bulgaria Prosecutors. The PR action emerged after a TV interview with US economist Steve Hanke, on February 16 where he stated proof of corruption.

Police in Catalonia is focused on knowing whether Borissov was involved in the international money laundering scheme as an article highlighted that a former model, Borislava Yovcheva, her father and two companies have received over €5 million since 2013 from non-Spanish individuals. The case concerning the luxury house in Barcelona was aired after a conversation involving two judges and an unknown third person with a claim that Borissov acquired a property of €1.5 million for his girlfriend came to public notice. However, no investigation was initiated concerning this since 2015. Also, Borissov has denied allegation regarding the property and said it was a mere plot developed by the Russian and Bulgarian President Rumen Redev.