Argentina’s Kirchner faces new money laundering probe


April 10 2016

Argentine former president Cristina Kirchner, who only just left office after eight years in power, could be investigated for alleged money laundering, local media reported Saturday. Federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan is seeking an investigation of Kirchner based on information given by a protected witness in an ongoing case, local media said, citing court sources.

The reports said the unnamed witness was believed to have pointed both to Kirchner (in power 2007-2015) and her late husband, the former president Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007). As part of the case, a judge on Wednesday ordered the arrest of Lazaro Baez, 59, who is accused of laundering money during the Kirchner presidencies. He was a family friend of the Kirchners who allegedly helped the presidential duo launder money on their behalf in Switzerland, the reports said. Baez built a massive business empire in the southern province of Santa Cruz, the Kirchners’ political base.