ABN AMRO dedicates 2,000 workers to fighting money laundering


The CEO of ABN AMRO bank, Kee Van Dijkhuizen said that the bank currently has 2,000 workers that are hired for the detection of money laundering and other related financial crimes. The bank earlier revealed that it made a net profit of 316 million euros at the end of the last quarter of 2019. It followed that in August 2019, the Dutch Central Bank had requested the ABN AMRO to screen all its over 5 million customers for a possible link with money laundering and terrorist financing. Shortly afterwards, the Public Prosecution Service initiated an investigation on the bank for suspicion that the bank either reported suspicious transaction late or did not.

The bank CEO had said the bank currently works with 2,000 staff who are responsible for scrutinizing customers’ files for traces of financial crime and is expected to complete the process by 2022. According to him, the bank has also adopted the use of Artificial Intelligence and robotics to enhance the processes.