12 indicted in large-scale drug and money laundering case


The indictment, which was returned on January 25, 2012 and unsealed today, alleges that beginning in 2006 and continuing to the present, Carlos Powell, Eric Powell and ten others operated a drug organization which dealt in multi-kilogram quantities of heroin, cocaine and marijuana, in the Detroit metropolitan area. Members of the organization would arrange for large amounts of money derived from the sale of drugs to be transported to Phoenix, Mexico and elsewhere for the purpose of purchasing more controlled substances. As part of the conspiracy, members of the organization would use semi-trucks and vehicles equipped with traps and hidden compartments to transport heroin, cocaine and marijuana, as well as cash generated from the sale of these drugs.

Members of this organization, using the illegal proceeds of their narcotic sales, purchased and leased numerous luxury vehicles, acquired and sold real property, and purchased jewelry while concealing the true source and nature of the funds involved in the transaction through false names and nominee purchasers.
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