Underworld Berlin: The secret business of the Mafia


March 24 2018

Spectacular burglaries, robbery, prostitution, drug trafficking and illegal business with refugees: These areas of crime clearly determine the 13 criminal clans in Berlin. But even the mafia from abroad is increasingly trying to gain influence in the capital. The Italians rely on business areas such as fraud and money laundering, Russians on burglaries and protection money.

The underworld of Berlin is in the hands of Arab clans. According to estimates by the police, 9000 members belong to the extended families. Most come from Turkey, Lebanon and now also from Syria. Just the first two named have since the 80s built their dark empire in Berlin. The clans live in the western part of the city. They avoid the eastern part because of the competition to Eastern European clans. Large families are hierarchically structured and live in a parallel society.