Malta: NGO sector ‘vulnerable to money laundering


April 1 2018

Malta’s voluntary sector continues to face “needless” vulnerability to money laundering and terrorist financing, Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations Kenneth Wain warns in his annual report.  Prof. Wain, whose office is responsible for oversight of the sector, said he had been unable to persuade the government of the urgency to introduce amendments to the Voluntary Organisations Act, which would give the Commissioner more powers to police the sector.

The Commissioner said that despite amendments written in collaboration with the government’s anti-money laundering agency (FIAU), the situation in Malta persisted whereby the enrolment of voluntary organisations remained optional.  This meant the Commissioner had no means to ascertain how many non-enrolled organisations were currently active in Malta and Gozo, fundraising with “impunity” and operating under the radar with zero accountability, Prof Wain said.