Former Mountie reflects on undercover work, laundering money for cartels and terrorists



Former Mountie, Chris Mathers returned to Regina this week since the 1970s and spoke on the subject of cybersecurity and his experience posing as a gangster, purchasing drugs and pulling many criminal activities to launder money, in a meeting of the local investment and financial advisor community. He worked as an undercover for the RCMP most of his career before joining the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Customs Service. Mathers engaged in money laundering buying drugs and pretending to be a legitimate business owner, he and his associates attracted big businessmen with dirty money and pretended they would launder it for them and secretly transferred it to an account of RCMP for monitoring. They would lie to them that they have confederates in the financial industry who would make sure the source of the money was not traceable. They even provide them with a fake statement monthly of stock they held.

So, during investigations, Mathers and his team would have transferred the money to the countries and accounts of those involved in the illegal business so as to cover up Mathers’ operation and suspicion. After his career as an undercover work, he stayed in a safe house because a group attempted to kill him. After some years, he worked with KPMG’s forensic division and later became the President of KPMG Corporate Intelligence Inc focusing on fighting crimes relating to money laundering and terrorist financing as well as cybersecurity due to the emerging scams on the internet. One of his advice to prevent cybercrime is to avoid using number and word as passwords but rather, letters from the first few sentences of a poem, a song, mixing capital letters and symbols.