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I jumped into the Compliance filed due to my experience. In the beginning I was a data miner for Brokerage Complaince/Trading Complaince/AML then I became a Business Analyst for AML specifically and now I am gaining more and more experience working with Banks to further enrich my experience.  Now this is my side of the story, where by luck or fate I ended up in this field. There are many other people who want to jump into this field from different background, or want to enrich their knowledge being in this field.  Finally I come to the point. There are several renowned certifications which focus on enriching your AML or Complaince related needs and can be very helpful. On one hand it will help you get your resume more recognized and out of the crowd and on the other hand these will get you up to speed on the hot and happening things going on around in this area.

On this page I am going to gather several known Certifications (which I know by experience of floating around on LinkedIn discussions) and let you decide on which one better suits you.  I am not going to be partial and hence leave the choice upto you! (Feel free to suggest if you would like to see some extra information. This might be useful to others too…)

Pay a nominal one time fee of just $3.99 (using PayPal button) to access an always up to date and complete list of AML and Compliance certifications, including their links and twitter handles (if available) to be up to date.


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