Order to the gambling operator 888 Denmark Limited concerning amendment of their anti-money laundering procedures


December 4 2019

The Danish Gambling Authority have assessed that in the specific case, 888 Denmark Limited did not sufficiently fulfill their obligations under section 25(1) of the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act. The section states that the operator must investigate unusually large transaction patterns and activities which do not have a clearly economic or demonstrable legal purpose, in order to establish whether there is any suspicion or reasonable reason to suspect that these are or have been linked to money laundering.

In the specific case, an individual deposited more than DKK 1 million into his gaming account within three months. During that period, 888 Denmark Limited performed various background checks on the player, mainly through open sources on the internet. After the player had deposited more than DKK 600,000 into his gaming account within a few days, 888 Denmark Limited also asked the player to submit documentation for his income or assets. The player declined to provide any income or asset documentation, and despite this, 888 Denmark Limited allowed the player to continue playing for almost one month before his gaming account was closed.