I am a AML consultant by profession and hence used to google for money laundering related updates very often. I came across many sites which do provide related information like case studies, detailed news, AML fines related stuff etc. Only downside of such sites are that there is always a catch. You have to be a paid member to access full details. This irritated me and I am sure you might have had the same experience. Then I did some further research on the topics locked behind the monetary firewall and surprisingly you can find this information for free!! This motivated me to built up a single location where every money laundering related information can be provided for free. This is where AMLabc.com was created.

On this website I gather Case studies AML files  and latest news items and many many more things related to money laundering and its prevention. In summary you get a one stop shop for all AML related info. This crime can only be fought with more and more and more information, hence I am trying to provide at least a bit of it.

AMLabc.com is divided into the following sections (you can access them via the top menu):

  • Case studies / Reports : Every now and then few organizations (e.g. FSA, Celent, EBA etc) release some case studies and trends which are happening of have happened in the past. I am collecting these reports and will provide you the original report source with the link to the report, with an extract or executive summary, so that you can get an idea what to expect. To access Case studies and reports click here
  • AML Fines: I have gathered all the major fines either to the financial institutions or even the MLRO’s since 2000. This list is still growing by the date.  You can navigate through this section here or navigate all such fines on a historical timeline here.   
  • AML News: This section will cover all the up to-date and latest news regarding money laundering. There might be a delay for a day or two, but I try to bring this information as soon as possible. Click here to access this section.
  • Rules and regulations: Every country has their own rules and regulations regarding anti money laundering. I am still populating it and will try to cover as many countries as possible. Access the menu to find the rules and regulations for each listed country.

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(Note: A BIG disclaimer. Since none of the information on this website is written by me, I will only provide you with an extract and the link to the original source, so as to give due credit to the link where the information came from)