Iyka Introduces Fast, Accurate Business Analytics Platform For Anti-Money-Laundering/AML


Iyka Enterprises, a leading business intelligence provider, just introduced a paradigm-shifting analytics platform for anti-money-laundering applications. While nearly all AML platforms are restricted to numeric and relational data, Iyka dS also uses precision context to interpret all information for a much higher percentage of money laundering detection. Another significant advantage is an exponentially faster time-to-actionable insights.

For example, a major international bank recently incurred $14B in penalties and fines directly related to money laundering that was missed by their Advanced Analytics AML team. The fault was traced to their data analytics process which took four years to implement and was only able to process numeric and relational data. By contrast, Iyka dS could have processed data that was much more valuable and completed the analysis in a fraction of the time.