Zambia: DEC nabs 4 for forgery, money laundering


“It is alleged that Mr Joseph Mumbi while acting together with other unknown people forged NRC No. 390584/11/1 for Mr Kalongo Chitenge, which was later fraudulently used to open an account at a named bank where US$92, 978 was deposited,” he said.

He said the money was paid to Mr Mumbi after he sold a piece of land in Makeni by pretending that he was Mr Kalonga Chitenge when in fact not.

Mr Silomba said Mr Mumbi, later transferred $70,000 into a kwacha account where K316 million was withdrawn and $15,000 was also withdrawn from the dollar account, respectively.

He said the Commission had also arrested two persons for issuance of cheques on an insufficiently funded account
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