What is the New Method of Criminals in Money Laundering?


January 21 2019

Digital currencies , like all currencies , sometimes interfere with illegal activities. We were saddened to see that the name of Bitcoin (BTC) was the subject of such news in the past. Fortnite , a computer game that has millions of users all over the world, has become a new method of offending criminals.

The popular computer game Fortnite has about 200 million users all over the world. The developer of the game Epic Games in 2018, this game had a revenue of $ 3 billion. But the game was a crime instrument by criminals who wanted to launder money.

V-Bucks , which users will spend on in-game purchases , is being used for money laundering, just as done in Bitcoin . According to the news published in the Independent newspaper, the number of these activities is increasing. The news published in the CCN explains how this process was carried out.