Three Convicted on Fraud and Money Laundering Charges in South Beach ‘B-Girls’ Private Clubs Scheme


According to evidence presented at trial, the defendants were the organizers and investors in a criminal organization, which owned and operated numerous private clubs in South Beach. The organization brought Eastern European women into the United States illegally to work as “Bar Girls” or “B-Girls,” to lure out-of town businessmen and tourists from legitimate South Beach clubs to the defendants’ private clubs.

According to testimony and other evidence presented at trial, the defendants would charge the victims exorbitant prices for bottles of alcohol in as many as six private clubs. After the victims were either drugged without their knowledge or too intoxicated to understand what was happening, the B-Girls would order bottles of wine or champagne, make unauthorized charges on the victims’ credit cards, and sometimes even forge the victims’ signatures. In order to pay the B-Girls who were illegally working, the defendants set up shell companies to conceal profits and salary payments from their criminal enterprise.

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