Romania: Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu investigated in a new case of money laundering


Translated text:

The businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu came to the attention of prosecutors in a criminal again. It is dissociating from the survey in which the former CEO of Petrom, George soups, and two others were indicted for fraudulent bankruptcy, a court case related to the reorganization of the company and the payment of installments over three million euros a false claim.

The businessman is currently incarcerated in prison Rahova which runs one year in prison for blackmailing former business partner, Joel Sebastian. On the other hand, prosecutors and Criminal Prosecution Section of the General Prosecutor’s Office files fraud investigations finished Petromservice in the fall of the National Investment Fund. SOV, under investigation for money laundering suitability indictment, soups that George was sent in court, prosecutors in this case split on June 26, 2012. The order of the prosecutor, was ordered: ” sever case and forming a separate file with the object (…) further research to Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and Ana Bodea terms of money laundering crime prev. of art. 23 of Law no. 656/2002 “. “The stakes are ten billion deposit from Budureasa” , SOV said when he was arrested for robbing the company Petromservice (PSV. businessman wanted so to suggest that is hunted by authorities because of true “treasure”, owned by PSV.

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