Rabbi charged in N.J. corruption sting sentenced to 5 years in prison for money laundering


In worship services, Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim used to lecture on the need for his congregants to be upstanding and moral.

At the same time, he was secretly laundering at least $1.5 million through various charities in an elaborate international underground banking system and keeping a large cut of the ill-gotten gains.

One of the last of the high-profile suspects in a massive federal sting operation, Ben Haim was sentenced today to five years in prison as the federal government nears the conclusion of its extensive investigation into money laundering and public corruption in New Jersey…

…Ben Haim wired the money — minus his 10-percent commission — to contacts in countries that included Israel, Japan, China, Turkey and Uganda, before it came back to the United States “clean,” authorities have said….
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