Nepal: Banking crimes, money laundering cases on the rise


Rise in the number of cases related to banking crimes and money laundering is becoming a serious problem for government agencies.

According to the annual progress report of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) unveiled on Tuesday, the specialized unit of Nepal Police initiated investigation into 30 cases related to banking crimes, and money laundering and terrorist financing in fiscal year 2013/14.

“Though cases like human trafficking, cyber crime and drug trafficking do have financial tentacles, core financial crimes is increasing at a serious rate in recent years,” Uttam Karki, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), said.

Karki, who was with the CIB for a long time, was transferred to the Metropolitan police Range Kathmandu on Sunday only.

CIB had launched investigation into four cases of banking offences in 2010/11, four in 2011/12 and six in 2012/13.

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