Money mule/money laundering


The Set-Up

You receive an email offering you an amazing job.

The Hook

You’ll earn big bucks for seemingly little work.

The Sting

You’ll end up becoming a money mule, breaking the law and having your bank account cleaned out.

What a money mule/money laundering scam looks like

Money laundering is when somebody tries to ‘launder’ money they’ve earned from unlawful activities to make it look like it came from a legal source. They do this by putting the money through a series of bank accounts to hide its original (and illegal) source. This money might come from organised crime or from the proceeds of other scams.

If you accept the offer you may be breaking the law and become what is known as a ‘money mule’ – an unwitting participant in an illegal money launderingscheme.

Often the scam originates from an email offering you an amazing job offer – to become a ‘Financial Agent’ (or a similar title) for an international company, earning big bucks for little work.
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