Macau: Report labels Macau and Hong Kong as major facilitator hubs for Chinese transnational crime


May 4 2018

A report conducted by an Australian security studies and criminology researcher describes Macau and Hong Kong as major money laundering hubs for Chinese criminal gangs operating from Guangdong province.

Macau (MNA) – Macau and Hong Kong are major facilitators for transnational crime money laundering according to a report conducted by Associate Professor John Langdale of the Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University.

According to a presentation on the report findings that Mr. Langdale prepared for Australian intelligence officers in the country’s anti-money laundering agency Austrac, to which Macau News Agency (MNA) had access, both cities were described as having ‘well established networks of facilitators skilled at shifting money overseas via offshore banking and finance’.