Macau and Philippines Receive Anti-Money Laundering Shortcomings Warning


April 12 2018

Macau is well-known as the most popular gambling hub on a global scale and the Philippines is constantly developing its gaming offerings. However, in a recent report issued by the US Government, it became clear that there are certain shortcomings when it comes to Anti-Money Laundering regulations which have been ongoing for some time now.

Being in the spotlight of the gaming industry and striving to provide competitive gambling offerings to its players, Macau has reached the status of a preferred gaming location for many enthusiasts from mainland China and all four corners of the world. The Philippines also work towards constantly improving its casino options, however, the recent report highlighted some of the deficiencies which have been a regular occurrence. Casino proxy gambling is not a new term in the gambling world, as this is a practice that allows people who are willing to participate in gambling activities to do so without the need to be physically present at the said location.