Detecting second network of money laundering leads to re-arrest


Translated text:

Original news headline “Detecção de segunda rede de lavagem de dinheiro leva a nova detenção

The prosecutor found another second network of money laundering operations in Portugal and held a Luso-Swiss banker. Ricardo Castro has been responsible for a network of money laundering parallel to Michels Canals. Your customers may be the next defendant.

The investigations of the Public Ministry (MP) to the operations of laundering money through Swiss financial institutions led to a fourth arrest this week. The detainee, however released on payment of bail of 300 thousand euros, Ricardo Castro, who was, according to reports today the “Morning Post” has been responsible for a money laundering network that operated in parallel to that of Michel Canals, the banker arrested last week following the revelations made ​​by Lima Duarte authorities. 

Ricardo Castro Arcofinance operate through a company based in Geneva , who worked from a list of Portuguese clients of Banque Privee Edmond Rothschild. According to the CM, this scheme also, like the operation allegedly headed by Michel Canals, had as front rail Francisco Canas. This merchant Lisbon, known by the nickname “Joe the Users”, the intermediate transfer operations of capital between Switzerland and Portugal. 

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