CredexBank denies involvement in money laundering


CJSC CredexBank denies its involvement in money-laundering and stands ready to provide the U.S. Treasury Department with the necessary information, reads the statement the Belarusian bank posted on its website after the U.S. Treasury Department accused it of “highly suspicious” transactions, BelTA has learnt.

CJSC CredexBank notes that the assertions of the U.S. Treasury Department regarding the operations conducted by the Bank are unfounded. The U. S. Treasury Department is also wrong regarding the very possibility of a small Belarusian bank being the “core center for global money laundering”. Currently, the Bank has taken measures to clarify and resolve the situation. Shareholders of CJSC CredexBank are in consultations with lawyers from Switzerland on the ways to protect business reputation. CredexBank is considering a possibility of sending a letter to the U.S. Treasury Department suggesting cooperation and stating its readiness to provide any necessary information to ascertain that CJSC CredexBank has nothing to do with illegitimate business and remove doubts about the reliability of the Bank,” reads the statement.

The Belarusian bank gives a number of facts to back up its good reputation. CredexBank strictly abides by the national legislation and international standards (FATF recommendations, principles of the Basel committee on banking supervision, the general directives on combating money-laundering in the private banking sector- Wolfsberg Principles).

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