Different ways money laundering can be identified

  • Through fake deposits
How the bad guys and girls try to launder money and how we catch them, a Case Study.
By far the greatest threat of money laundering comes from the community pariah, ie. the drug dealer.
The biggest issue every drug dealer has is the amount of cash they receive from their customers.
We all know they are not going to walk into a bank and deposit $ 30,000.00 in cash,
even they know they will get caught. So, how do they get around the system, here is one
possible method they employ and our effective processes to catch them
  • Through Layaway
The Scam – Turn cash into checks and deposit them into an account looking like legitimate payments.
  • Jewellery stores
The retail bank has placement risk in this method. The commercial bank/investment house has layering risk in this method. The most effective methods for catching this will happen at the placement institution.
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