The Michele Ferrari system revealed Swiss bank accounts, fake contracts (report by Luigi Perna)


How to launder the money earned from doping. Two years of investigations by the public prosecutor Roberti into the doctor from Ferrara. The Gazzetta reveals the set-up that involved not just the riders, but also the teams, for an estimated “turnover” of €30 million.

It is the biggest antidoping investigation in the history of sport, much bigger than Operacion Puerto. Thousands of pages of documents, witness statements, wiretaps, searches and international depositions in Switzerland, Monaco and Spain. The public prosecutor Benedetto Roberti form Padova, who has been investigating this matter for years, went after Michele Ferrari, the most famous coach in cycling, to uncover his illegal activities and bring to justice the man everyone called “Doctor Myth” after he had been acquitted on appeal in 2006 in the doping trial in Bologna. The investigators reckon that the sums involved amount to millions of euro, probably as much as €30 million.

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