Textile: The Trojan Horse of the Chinese Mafia in Italy


October 6, 2017

In the beginning was the textile. We are in Tuscany, and more precisely in the city of Prato . From the nineties, one of the strongest Chinese communities in Italy has begun to set up. In one of the most important districts of Italian textile, so many entrepreneurs from the Far East began to replace their Italian counterparts with these companies. Today, in the Tuscan city, three-quarters of manufacturing companies – and just under 95% of those who deal with clothing items – have Chinese holders: China’s fashionable fashion developed from the age of two thousand has clearly supplanted traditional textile manufacturing. In this context, there is a perverse synergy between illegal immigration, exploitation of workers and money laundering. We go with order. Most of the employees of these factories were and consist of people who do not know a word of Italian and who live permanently under blackmail. The Chinese immigrant to arrive in Italy is ready to go hungry without returning to their native country. Here is the secret of Asian businessmen. In addition, there is a high turnover of these companies in this economic context, essentially motivated by tax evasion.