Suspicious activity report. How does the global money laundering machine work?


This investigation lasted for more than a year and involved dozens of investigative journalists from Russian, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Serbia and other countries. But we don’t regard it as finished. Despite hundreds of exclusive documents – bank transactions, criminal cases, court decisions from various countries – we understand that we are only at the beginning of the journey, and today’s story is only the first attempt to explain how the global money laundering system functions.

Our investigation focused on several offshore companies with turnover exceeding one billion dollars.

The bank transactions we obtained show that money was transferred to the accounts of these offshore companies from Russia, the United States, the UK, New Zealand, China and Ukraine among others. Each of these transactions probably has its own story and each of these dollars probably has a unique origin: it could have been stolen from the Russian budget or obtained from smuggling in Romania, drug trafficking in the U.S. or the sale of weapons from North Korea. We attribute these links to the fact that criminals from all over the world use the same technologies, thus it’s not surprising that the very same platforms can operate in the interests of various beneficiaries.

Yet all these individual stories have one thing in common: the operators of the laundering platforms, i.e. those who have access to bank accounts and know whose money is being laundered in these common pots and to whom it ultimately belongs. These are the people we still must find

Detailed report link: here