National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime 2015



  1. The National Strategic Assessment brings together a comprehensive picture of the risk – how serious and organised crime affects the UK and its interests. This document informs both the national response – what the priorities are and what action will be taken, and the expected results – how success will be measured.
  2. On behalf of UK law enforcement the NCA’s National Intelligence Hub (NIH) has drawn together the articulation of the risk. The NIH gathers and analyses all relevant intelligence material from the NCA’s own sources and those of its partners and has produced this document through consultation and collaboration with partners.
  3. This involved wide consultation across law enforcement, government and the agencies including police forces in England and Wales, Police Service Northern Ireland, Police Scotland, Regional Organised Crime Units, Border Force, National Offender Management Service, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Serious Fraud Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, Immigration Enforcement, Cabinet Office, Home Office and GCHQ.