Measuring OECD Responses to Illicit Financial Flows from developing countries


Executive summary:

Illicit financial flows originating in developing countries – from money laundering, tax evasion and bribery – often reach OECD countries. Recognizing these risks, OECD countries are taking action to avoid being safe havens for illegal money.

Combating illicit financial flows depends on the quality of national regulations, their implementation and whether they comply with international best practices. This report highlights the performance of OECD countries against the essential international standards for countering illicit financial flows. It focuses on five policy areas: money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, asset recovery and the role of donor agencies. These policy areas are described using publicly available data and by compliance reviews following international agreements. Taken together, the analyses provide a measure of OECD countries’ performance in fighting illicit financial flows.

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