2015 Basel AML Index scores and ranking


The 2015 Results:

  • The top 10 countries identified as the highest risk are Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, GuineaBissau, Mali, Cambodia, Mozambique, Uganda, Swaziland and Myanmar.
  • Within Europe and Central Asia, the top five highest risk countries are Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan, but among the EU Member States, Luxembourg, Greece, Germany, Austria and Italy have the highest risks.
  • The Sub-Saharan African region has the greatest risk worldwide with Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mozambique, Uganda and Swaziland as the top highest risk countries within their region.
  • Paraguay, Bolivia, Haiti, Panama, and Argentina lead in the Latin America & Caribbean regions as highest risk countries.
  • In the East & South Asia including Pacific Region Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Laos are ranked as highest risk.
  • Iran, Yemen and Lebanon are the highest risk countries in the Middle East & North Africa region