France: At the heart of Tracfin, “the big ears of Bercy”


September 29 2017

In charge of the fight against dirty money, Tracfin, the French cell of the Ministry of the Economy, recorded an unprecedented increase in its activity in 2016. This information and action service known as “the big ears of Bercy” is at the origin of most of the major financial surveys that have been chronicling in recent years. A weapon against clandestine financial circuits, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, revealing an underground economy in perpetual development.

The name of Tracfin appears in most of the surveys that have marked the great politico-financial scandals of recent years. Often at the origin of the revelation of these cases, this organization participated in the raising of suspicions on for example the former minister Jérôme Cahuzac , Bernard Tapie , Thomas Fabius or the couple Balkany.  But also on cases such as the so-called “ill-gotten property” involving real estate transactions carried out in France by African politicians or those of Chinese officials accused of buying French vineyards with public funds, to name but a few .  ” Neither a police service nor a judicial service “